Our "Top Trends in Sustainable Tourism", provides an analysis of the key trends in sustainable tourism and the business opportunities they create for the travel and tourism industry.

This report provides an insight into the key trends in sustainable tourism, underlying how they create a host of lucrative opportunities for the industry. Besides climate change and the rise of eco-conscious consumers, the report shades light into trends such as overtourism, the desire for transformative travel experiences and the growing sharing economy as they are thought to be driving the shift towards sustainable tourism and the appeal of eco-holidays among previously untapped cohorts.


  • According to GlobalData’s Q4-2016 consumer survey, 35% globally are likely to book eco-tourism holidays.
  • The countries that present the biggest interest in eco-tourism are Malaysia (76%), followed by China (67%) and Turkey (65%).
  • Millennials are the generation most interested in eco-tourism, while high earners similarly show a strong interest in eco-tourism holidays.

Reasons To Buy

  • The report offers travel and tourism stakeholders a thorough insight into sustainable tourism and the rapid changes that are taking place in the industry as both consumers and the international community are increasingly embracing sustainability practices.
  • The report presents key trends and explains how these are creating a compelling business case for sustainable tourism. Moreover, through the discussion of best-practices the readers can identify potential areas of improvements, hence reformulating their strategies accordingly.