Key Findings
The Global Flywheel energy storage market is forecasted to rise at a CAGR of 8.91% for the period 2017-2025. Factors like growing automotive industry and energy storage market coupled with the rising demand for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are chiefly driving the market.

Market Insights
The global flywheel energy storage market is segmented based on application. This segment includes Distributed Energy Generation, UPS, Data Centers, Transport, and others. The Distributed Energy Generation segment is currently leading the market. Other than flywheels, some of the commonly used energy storage systems are lithium-ion batteries, sodium-sulfur (Na-S) batteries, and lead-acid batteries.
Regional Insights
The global flywheel energy storage market is spread over Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, South America and the Middle East & Africa. In March 2016, the first hybrid flywheel energy storage plant was developed in the European region. The region is also predicted to exhibit the fastest growth over the forecast period. However, the North America market is forecasted to account for the largest market share during 2017-2025. This success can primarily be attributed to increasing demand for UPS systems and the need to maintain a continuous supply of power for commercial and industrial sectors from this region.

Competitive Insights
Product launch is a primary strategy adopted by the various market companies of the global flywheel energy storage market to gain a competitive edge. Some of the pioneering companies in this market are Active Power, Beacon Power Llc, Calnetix Technologies Llc, Piller Group GmbH, Acumentrics Inc, Powerthru, Power Tree and Temporal Power Ltd.