In the world economy, the forces of growth and prosperity are complex and ever changing. New engines of growth emerge and decline rapidly and pinpointing their trajectory and long-term relevance can be elusive. The catalysts of change can be fundamental factors such an emerging technology, the needs of the global population, a change in regulation or a new method of monetization. In this report, we examine some of the most rapidly growing industries globally including: the construction industry, cloud computing, online retail, the marijuana industry and music streaming industries to look at why they are growing so quickly and what issues are emerging that might affect these industries’ long-term prospects.

Key Highlights

  • The global construction industry has had a difficult period in recent years, after the global recession in 2007, the industry was directly affected by a huge drop in available investment from banks and financial institutions. It has become increasingly evident though those financial institutions have regained their confidence in the industry and such have been backing big projects.
  • Once dismissed as a fad which, whilst appearing to have the qualities of revolutionary change, would fade with time as so many others have done, has morphed to become the catalyst for change across much of the economy early proponents promised.
  • Even in mature economies which have enjoyed the benefits of online retail shopping since its inception in the 1990s continue to grow at rates most other markets are incapable of. Emerging consumer societies, such as those in China and India, have forged means of shopping online unique to their societal and geographical features, whilst latecomers such as Canada are experiencing rapid growth as technology gains influence over consumer habits and companies change strategies to take advantage of a changing business environment.


  • learn just what is causing the large scale growth in our top five exciting industries
  • Examine how companies are evolving in the industry to capitalise on high growth
  • Just what pitfalls are waiting in our industries that could cause growth to stall

Reasons To Buy

  • The construction industry has been growing well, what has caused this and what does the future have in store for the industry?
  • Why is music streaming suddenly become so successful and is this the for the music industry?
  • What big opportunities are on the horizon in the legal cannabis industry and how well is it doing?