Mobile device management (MDM) is software primarily used by IT companies and industries in order to secure, monitor, and manage their employees’ smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Due to high security of devices and data, supporting BYOD, remote management of users and devices and other benefits offered by MDM, the global mobile device management market is expected to have a CAGR of 25% during the forecast period 2016-2023. Increasing usage of smartphones, tablets have increased the deployment of mobile device management software. Security concerns are the most serious issue in the major companies in the developing countries which has led to the increasing demand of MDM software.

North America accounted for the highest market revenue share in 2016. According to Pew Internet Research Organization in 2014, around 59% of Americans used smart phones which rose up to 77% in 2016. Furthermore, according to Pew, out of total American population around 78% men and 75% women used smart phones in 2016. Thus, increasing smartphone user in North America drives the demand for mobile device management in North America. According to International Telecommunication Union, in Asia around half of the global internet users are present which is around 1.89 billion. China has the highest internet user base which of around 670 million users. Hence, the largest internet user base in Asia Pacific is contributing towards the growth of Asia Pacific mobile device management market.

The global mobile device management market is influenced by the presence of major companies employing MDM including Air watch (U.S), Microsoft Inc. (U.S), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Blackberry (U.S), Apple Inc. (U.S) and others. Product launches, joint ventures, mergers and acquisition are some of the crucial strategies adopted by the key market players to gain competitive advantage.

The global mobile device management market report covers segmentation analysis of deployment, solution and end users. Report further covers segments of deployment which includes cloud services and on premise services. The cloud service market is blooming due to the increasing demand of cloud based services by the SMEs. By solutions, it is further classified into application management, security management, device management and network security management. The end users of MDM include BFSI, manufacturing, telecom and IT, local and central government, media and entertainment etc.