The global automotive product to service market will be driven by mobility, connected services, and value-added upgrades. New business model disruptions are expected and they will extend the automotive service revenue pool up to $ 1.3 trillion. Car companies are evolving from the business of merely manufacturing and selling cars, to providing related services and multi-modal mobility solutions to target new customers and future proof their business. This research service focuses on different service models, namely, mobility-as-a-service, connected services, aftersales service, and autonomous vehicle services. The aim of this research service is to identify disruptive business models and offer strategies to different tiers in the automotive domain. It assesses the passenger car market up to 2030 and highlights key growth opportunities.

Key questions that this study will answer:
• How will automotive business models evolve by 2030?
• What are the sustainability strategies adopted by OEMs and other market participants for the short to long terms?
• How will automotive mobility and shared models impact traditional car sales?
• What will be the key selling points for OEMs? From where should they expect the maximum revenue yield?
• What are the key market challenges and strategies for future sustainable models for OEMs?