Air purifiers are devices, which helps in removing viruses, bacteria, and various matter particulates present in air. These products are dissimilar from air cleaners in their size, cost, area of purification and application. With reducing air quality and growing occurrence of various air-borne diseases, air purifiers are developing as high utility products. Air purifiers are now being viewed as a necessity, instead of being a luxury product due to increasing air pollution across towns and cities. Residential as well as commercial users are progressively adopting air purifiers for upholding a cleaner, less-polluted environment. The major drivers of the global air purifiers market are increasing air pollution anxieties, rising usage of HEPA technology, growing respiratory diseases, growing consumer expenditure on lifestyle products. The major restraining factors of the global air purifiers market are placing of air purification systems as luxury goods and high pricing of products restricting in consumption. Moreover, the major opportunities for the global air purifiers market is upsurge in disposable income globally.

Emerging Asia pacific market has the major opportunities for the global air purifiers market, as according to the World Health Organisation, globally the 20 most polluted cities in 2015, 13 were in India and New Delhi topping the list. The air purifier market in India made around 300 to 400 % month-on-month growth in the year 2015 by the industry players, with close to 75% sales coming from metro cities such as Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

Based on segmentation, the global air purifiers market is segmented into filter type and end users. The filter type is further segmented into HEPA, activated carbon, electrostatic precipitator, UV light air purifier, ionic air purifier and others. The end users segment is further segmented into industrial, commercial and residential users.

Geographically, the global air purifiers market is segmented into North America, Europe, Rest of the world, Asia Pacific. North America dominates the global air purifiers market in the year 2016. The rising consumption of air purifiers in the region, fortified with HPEA filtration technology to remove pollutants from the air inside the home and eliminate smoke, pollens, dust, and pet dander, due to increasing concern of the green-house gases emission with the growing automotive industry are driving the North America in the global air purifiers market. However, Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to be fastest growth during the 2016-2023. Growing awareness due to rigorous government regulations to control pollution levels and the health risks related with infection along with augmented industrialization and urbanization is anticipated to drive demand of air purifiers market.