Internet of Things (IoT) networks and systems require support of data management systems, application programming interfaces (API), and software.  One of the most important outcomes of this architecture is infrastructure designed to provide IoT Data as a Service (IoTDaaS), which constitutes retrieving, storing and analyzing information from IoT systems. 
The convergence of Cloud, Data Management, IoT Platforms and Solutions is enabling the next evolution of data analytics in which enterprise will realize significant tangible and intangible benefits from IoT data.  The ability to sort data in a raw format, store it in different structural formats, and subsequently release it for further analytics, will support robust IoTDaaS and be of paramount importance for all industry verticals.
To support this architecture, there is an emerging need for a plethora of IoT DB Services including Identity Management, Device Management, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).  Many of these database services will require an IoT Data Registry as well as IoT DB Transaction Services, which will be used by IoT network providers, enterprise, and governmental organizations.   Each of these entities will need to rely upon many IoT APIs and a variety of signaling, communications, and database access technologies. 
This research evaluates IoT Database Infrastructure and DB services technologies, strategies, and market opportunities. This research also assesses the market challenges and opportunities associated with development and support of IoT APIs.  The report evaluates leading companies, solutions, technologies, and use cases.  The report also analyzes the role of IoT APIs in support of key functional components of the IoT Ecosystem including Identity Management, Mediation, and other operational support functions. 
This research also evaluates leading technologies and tools under development, maps benefits to market needs, identifies key solutions, and forecasts market opportunities and demands.  This research provides comprehensive analysis of the IoT Data as a Service marketplace.  This research also identifies opportunities for software in IoT including OEM providers.  This research includes an evaluation of the market opportunities and outlook for OEM channels and quantifies the markets and business for IoT software. 
Target Audience:
  • IoT companies
  • Software developers
  • Datacenter companies
  • Data services companies
  • Integration services companies
  • Communication service providers
  • Managed communication service providers
  • Telecom and computing infrastructure providers