The ‘2017 Technology Convergence Scenarios’ is a powerful technology foresighting deliverable built on the ‘Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Spawning Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative’ research. Both outputs are offerings of the TechVision group, the global emerging technology, innovation, and convergence-focused practice of Frost & Sullivan.

This deliverable is an indigenous effort at analyzing the Top 50 emerging technologies, and the strength of interconnects between these technologies to potentially combine with each other. The impact of these probable scenarios is underlined by their capability to:
• Address unmet application/sector/market needs
• Create new products/services/solutions due to the uniqueness of their combined potential
• Drive unlikely players from diverse industries to work with each other
• Accelerate multi-billion dollar market opportunities

It is a unique output aimed to foresee and assess the top technology driven convergence scenarios based on 4 key factors (underlying these factors other softer parameters were also considered):
• Degree of success probability
• Degree of impact on applications/markets/sectors
• Disruptive potential
• Year/time of impact

For each of the top convergence scenarios profiled (that were picked from a long list of scenarios generated), insights on the following aspects have been generated to appreciate the strength and opportunities behind them:
• Individual Technologies driving the scenarios and their Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
• Key Initiatives and Recent Technology Trends
• Key Funding and Recent Patenting Trends
• Impact on Applications, Products and Services, Business Models, Industries
• Point of action for developers