A huge opportunity awaits software developers, systems integrators, cloud and data services providers to develop, operate and maintain IoT applications and services. Key areas for IoT app and service support include IoT specific OS, Application Development and Deployment Platform (ADDP), and IoT Testing services. For example, ADDP and IoT Testing services in particular will be crucial to mitigate risks for enterprise deployment and reduce lifecycle costs.

Another important area is IoT simulation as it will be critical to identifying network impact, potential security concerns, and much more. Among the key technologies, Digital Twinning will play an especially important role.

This research evaluates the IoT app and service ecosystem including major players, market outlook, and opportunities. This research also assesses the growth factors and related technologies including Integrated Development Platform (IDP), Real Time Operating System (RTOS), QA Testing, Open Source and Commercial IoT OS, and overall IoT app and service deployment considerations.

The report also analyzes important companies and solutions as well as products, apps, and services in each segment. The report includes detailed forecasts for the global and regional market including IoT OS market, IoT ADDP market, and IoT Testing market from 2017 to 2022.

Report Benefits:

  • IoT development, testing, and simulations market forecasts
  • Understand the role and importance of real-time OS for IoT apps
  • Understand IoT testing approaches, benefits, and potential pitfalls
  • Learn about the importance of IoT Application Enablement Platforms
  • Identify fastest growing solutions and largest market opportunities areas

Target Audience:

  • IoT companies
  • Systems integrators
  • Software developers
  • Data services companies
  • Cloud computing companies
  • Application onboarding providers
  • Software and systems testing companies