The global vaccine market is expanding as developing economies in Asia, Africa and South America become educated in the importance of vaccination in public health. For most vaccines – including seasonal vaccines available in liquid formulations – prefilled syringes with a luer configuration are increasingly specified, but a significant number of non-seasonal vaccines are lyophilized, and shipped in vials for reconstitution by the caregiver. As this trend toward prefilled syringes becomes more prevalent and the option for vials is reduced, providers will be faced with finding the additional storage space needed in order to maintain equivalent vaccine inventories. High demand seasons, such as back-to-school and flu season, could pose a particular challenge with regard to space.

What You Will Learn
  • What vaccines for human health are approved by the FDA/EMA? How are they packaged and administered?
  • What are the immunological targets for approved vaccines? What is the addressable market for each target?
  • What are the major factors driving the growth in global vaccine demand?
  • Who are the leading suppliers of syringes and injection devices for delivering vaccines?
  • What is the size of the vaccine market today, who are the market leaders, and what is their market share?
  • What is the vaccine as-supplied distribution for prefilled devices vs vials?
  • What are the significant economic, technology, and regulatory factors affecting the market for vaccines?