Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents machine-based intelligence, typically manifest in "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds.  Developments in AI and Cognitive Computing support inclusion of these technologies with virtually every type of robot including general purpose bots that act on behalf of their owner.  AI is also becoming embedded and/or associated with many applications, services, products, and solutions.    Mind Commerce sees AI innovation in a variety of areas including personalized AI to both support and protect end-users.  This transformation will have a profound effect upon public safety, security, and private for consumers, enterprise, and governments. 
This research evaluates the growth of AI, its application across diverse sectors, and the associated impact upon Public Safety, Security, and Privacy.  One of the major concerns is illegal capture and trade of IoT data which includes users’ activities and records such as personal health, financial information, location, and asset information such as personal vehicles.  This research assesses the AI ecosystem, technologies, solutions and market outlook. Key industry verticals covered include use of AI in Internet related services and products, Financial Services, Medical and Bio-informatics, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications.  This research also examines personalized robots, bot software, and systems. The report assesses the impact of AI and evaluates the market for AI enhanced robots and robotic systems for the consumer market.
The research includes forecasts for Cognitive System and Content Analytics Software, AI Software & Analytics, AI Public Safety Software, and AI Software for Fraud.  Forecasts also include revenue outlook by segment and sub-segment for personal robotics devices, components, digital personal assistant application software, AI based system software, AI technologies, analytics and services.  In addition, projections for personal robotics shipments by type, region and leading countries are included.
Target Audience:
  • IoT companies
  • Robotics companies
  • Telecom service providers
  • Public safety organizations
  • Artificial Intelligence companies
  • Big Data and analytics companies
  • Digital security solution providers