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" Retailer Profile with IT Spending by Geography", report provides a technology overview of, including its ICT spend for 2016, information on key IT decision makers, and its primary IT contracts. Furthermore, the report focuses on the IT strategies adopted by the retailer, in order to provide actionable insights for ICT vendors and service providers when pitching their solutions to the company. (Amazon) is an American eCommerce retailer and technology services provider (Amazon Web Services, or AWS). It offers a wide range of products with the main focus on books, media, electronics goods and general merchandise. Amazon’s eCommerce business is complemented with its Marketplace for third-party retailers and the Prime delivery service, which contribute to the continuous growth of its business. Amazon is continuously expanding its operations by increasing products and services and enhancing infrastructure to support its retail and services businesses. Amazon’s ability to innovate and adopt new technologies has revolutionized the retail industry to a great extent. The retailer can offer a better shopping experience through analytics, which caters to customers’ individual requirements by understanding their preferences and ever-changing needs.


  • Amazon is a leader in data centers and cloud computing, both for its eCommerce operations, as well as through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers computing and storage resources for enterprises and governments around the world, as well as analytics and business intelligence solutions
  • Amazon is expanding into physical grocery and book stores with innovative concepts such as the checkout-free Amazon Go stores
  • Amazon wants to establish itself as an advanced technology leader by introducing IoT based order systems, voice recognition technology, mobile payment services, artificial intelligence services and security technologies

Reasons To Buy

  • Get a detailed understanding of Amazon’s IT spending by technology and geography, and its strategic and IT related priorities. This profile can help you target the retailer with tailored solutions and access the right decision-makers.