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"Best Practices in Retail: Cloud Computing", report analyzes the latest developments in retailers’ cloud strategies and their challenges. Cloud technology provides scalability, flexibility and agility to deploy advanced computing capacity at lower cost than traditional data centers. The report analyzes multiple best practice approaches from different retailers in order to assist in finding the most appropriate solution.

Cloud computing technology provides the ability to centralize management of fragmented retail operations on a single platform. Unlike traditional IT systems and solutions,cloud services do not require huge upfront investments and long implementation times. Therefore, many retailers have already started to utilize cloud computing technology services.


  • Cloud-based services enable retailers to build advanced and cost-effective computing capabilities that are highly scalable
  • IT infrastructure and related services can be managed by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) or Managed Service Providers (MSPs), thereby allowing retailers to free themselves from the burden of managing these and focus fully on their core operations
  • Cloud services can help retailers improve the shopping experience in stores and on digital platforms, as more services and features can be offered without necessarily increasing the overall IT expenditure

Reasons To Buy

  • Get a detailed understanding of the usage and importance of cloud computing in retail. This report can help you pitch solutions to retailers that include public, private or hybrid clouds, and to gain insight into retailers’ priorities and challenges.