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Global Pediatric Vaccines Market is expected to cross US$ 40 Billion by the year 2022. Our analysis found that the combination and pneumococcal vaccines was the two leading vaccines segment in 2017 and they continue to dominate the market in future years as well. The market of Combos (Combination vaccines) is thriving as most of the parents believed that if all these vaccines were given separately, than each child would have to take a large number of injections.

By the Year 2022, 500 Million Pediatrics will be get Immunization
Our research found that around 500 million infants get immunization by the year 2022 owing to rising concern against vaccine-preventable diseases and growing awareness. This report covers the past and present scenario and the growth prospects of the infants’ vaccine (Influenza, MMR, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Hepatitis, DTap, Polio, Haemophilus influenzae type B, Rotavirus, Varicella, Combination) Vaccines market across the world for the period of 2011-2022.

Globally 600 Million Doses of Vaccines will be Administrated in Pediatrics
Our study indicates that that around the globe nearly 600 million doses of vaccines will be administrated in infants by the year 2022 which will be nearly five times the number of influenza doses administered. The number of DTap doses administered in infants is forecast to increase over the years and will cross 50 Million by the year 2022. Report covers detailed information on all the 11 vaccines (Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Meningococcal, DTap, MMR, Polio, Hepatitis, Varicella, Haemophilus influenzae type B, Influenza, Combination) Vaccines Doses of Vaccines Administered and Forecast.

Pediatric Vaccines Market, Doses, Immunization, Cases and Forecast: Worldwide Analysis is the 2nd edition report published by Renub Research on Pediatric Vaccines. This 199 page market research report with 93 Figures and 30 Tables provides data and analysis on Global Pediatric Vaccines Market, Infants Immunized, Number of Vaccine Doses Administered in Pediatric (Infant) (Disease wise) & Key Players.

Vaccine Has Been Extensively Studied From 3 Major Points

1. Global Pediatric (Infant) Vaccines (Disease wise) Market & Forecast (2011 – 2022)

2. Pediatric (Infants) Immunized (Disease wise) & Forecast (2011 – 2022)

3. Doses of Vaccines Administered in Pediatric (Infant) (Disease wise) & Forecast (2011 – 2022)

11 Vaccines Studied in the Report are as Follows

1. Influenza
2. MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
3. Pneumococcal
4. Meningococcal
5. Hepatitis
6. DTap (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
7. Haemophilus influenzae type B
8. Polio
9. Rotavirus
10. Varicella
11. Combination Vaccine

Companies Vaccines Sales and Forecast

1. GlaxoSmithKline, plc Sales & Forecast (2011 – 2022)
2. Merck & Co. Sales & Forecast (2011 – 2022)
3. Sanofi Pasteur’s Sales & Forecast (2011 – 2022)
4. Pfizer, Inc.’s Sales & Forecast (2011 – 2022)
5. Others Vaccines

Key Questions Answered In This Report

  • What will be the market size of Global Pediatric Vaccine by the year 2022?
  • What are the Key drivers for Pediatric Vaccines Market?
  • What are the challenges to Infant Vaccines market?
  • Who are the key players in Pediatric Vaccines market?
  • What products are in key players Pipeline?