This forecast provides a unique, over-the-horizon look at the rapidly expanding Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) market and technology sector. Focused, concise and priced very competitively, the new report combines business analysis, specifically outlined opportunities and specific technological insight with a comprehensive view of what the future holds for USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles, Partially Submerged Vessels, and associated systems) in the global Defense and Security markets (Public and Private).
Specifically, the study gives you:
  • Timely Business Opportunities - including Future RFPs and Market Gaps analysis.
  • Reasoned Market Forecasts – by Defense and Security Mission, including market sizes and evolution in geographic regions, procurement, R&D and Maintenance.
  • Reasoned Technology Forecasts – by systems and sub-systems, technology gaps, long endurance vehicles, launch and recovery, common control and more.
  • Reasoned Forecasts of Uses for Defense and Security Missions - MCM, ASW, Surface Warfare, Harbor Surveillance, Anti-Piracy, Counter-Terrorism, Border Security and more.
  • Detailed Drivers and Inhibitors.
 Note: This report does not specifically examine Unmanned Underwater Vehicles but examines them when/if they are relevant to USVs.