LVTs market in India is concentrated among 5-6 brands and these are entirely dependent on imports. The product is used in niche segments and is dependent on the influence of leading architects and consultants. The nature of demand for flooring products in India does not favor the usage of LVT; hence, the product sees very low penetration. High price and product characteristics that do not suit Indian customer demand play a critical role in low volumes of sales for LVT suppliers in India. Surge in economic activity in India has led to growth in commercial Grade A office space and demand for private and international schools. Similarly, increased disposable income and growth in tourism has led to an increase in customer spending through the retail sector and the increase in number of hotel rooms. These end-user segments popularly use LVT in different application areas.

Key questions this Industry Docket will answer:
• What are the key areas of opportunities for LVT Market in India?
• What are the challenges faced by LVT suppliers in India?
• Which is the popular sales route for LVT in India?
• Who are the leading suppliers of LVT in India?
• What are the key success factors for LVT suppliers in Indian market?