The total DC power systems market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of less than 5% from 2016 to 2021. Further along the forecast period, the low-power segment is expected to see strong growth as deployments of 4G networks accelerate in the APAC region, coupled with 5G deployments in developed economies such as US and Europe.

DC power systems provide continuous power, backup and standby power to ensure continuous equipment operation despite a disruption in input power. It is high time that DC power manufacturers focus on innovation and come up with DC power systems with high power-efficiency solutions where opportunities lie for DC power vendors in the enterprise market through projects in safe city industries.

This study focuses on the following important elements under the 3 broad segments that determine the direction and future of DC power systems:
  • Low-Power DC Power Systems (Below 4kW)
  • Medium-Power DC Power Systems (4.1–32kW)
  • High-Power DC Power Systems (32kW and Above)

Drivers and restraints are discussed for the overall DC power systems market. In addition, top predictions—until 2022—for the global DC power systems market are presented.

The low-power segment has been affected by the significant decline in telecom spending in North America from major players (e.g., AT&T). This segment is driven by the extensive expansion of mobile networks needed to support advanced technologies, such as LTE and 5G networks.  However, the medium-power range will continue to be in strong demand for access networks that support the growth of the wireless telecommunication market.

The high-power range is driven by the build outs of central offices or telecom offices globally. However, the slow growing demand in this sector is due to declining trend in the build outs of telecom offices in the developed regions following slowdown in economic activity.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer:

1. What is the current status and the immediate and future prospects of the global DC power systems market?
2. What are the key growth opportunities in the DC power system market that are likely to help market participants stay relevant? What should a DC power system manufacturer action?
3. What will be the potential DC power system market size in 2021? What are the key factors that would drive the market to continue to stay relevant until 2021?
4. Which is the most exciting power range among the low-, medium- and high-power segments in the market? Which will continue to reap benefits until 2021?
5. What are the major restraining factors hindering business development opportunities for DC power system manufacturers?
6. Which region globally is said to have a strong growth for DC power systems in the long run? What should be the market entry strategy for companies to make a presence in this region?