The global 3D camera smartphone market is growing at a rapid pace on the global scenario. The heavy investments in the technology & its advancements and continuous innovations in the electronic appliances such as smartphones has been playing an integral part in the professional and personal life of the individuals in each and every region of the world. The demand of the smartphones which have 3D cameras has been enhancing at a significant pace. In the present scenario, the 3D camera has been a trending topic in the smartphone market due to its feature as it has high resolution picture and video quality and is easy to carry because digital camera and professional camera needs equipment’s such as various lenses and camera stands so it is to carry at various places and locations.

The enhancing awareness and adaptability of smartphones in various regions which includes North America, Latin America, Asia-pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa has expanded the 3D camera at a rapid pace. The smartphones with various resolutions such as 8 megapixels, 16 megapixels and more than 16 megapixels consist of 3D cameras which delivers photos with preciseness and reliability. The demand of the smartphones 3D camera is also anticipated to enhance due to heavy investments on the research & developments by the multinational organization which includes major players such as Microsoft corporation, Sony corporation, Infeneon technologies, leading to the improvement and development effectiveness and efficiency in the 3D functions and features.

The multi-national organizations such as Sony corporation, Samsung electronics Ltd, LG electronics INC, which are operating and manufacturing smartphones have enabled the 3D cameras in their phones which deliver pictures and images in high resolution with clarity and quality which offers to gain a competitive edge over the competitors in the global scenario which is inherited by cut throat competition. The organizations have to be creative and continuously innovative with their smartphones and applications in accordance with 3D camera.

In the year 2016 Microsoft launched a new and innovative feature which is named as windows capture 3D experience which has the ability to capture 3D Images of the objects with the usage of convention camera on any of the device. The compatibility of the 3D cameras with all types of smartphones such as which have different operating systems which includes android and windows and which have diversified shapes and sizes act as a major restraint in the growth and development of the 3D camera in accordance with smartphones market.