Energy has become a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies. Growing economies, higher living standards, and digitalization have made the energy sector even more vital. Meeting the growing demand for energy in a sustainable manner is a crucial challenge for all countries.

This Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities report  focuses on the technologies from E&U sector which will impact multiple industries, applications, and regions. Technologies were chosen after weighing the importance of these issues carefully. The selection of the technologies is  made using TechVision’s proprietary selection process and methodology. Criteria like funding, the market potential of the technology, regional adoption, the technology’s disruptiveness, megatrend impact and  patenting activity, were considered while assessing each technology.

The study offers in-depth strategic analysis of 10 important  technologies including  Lithium Batteries, Battery Management Systems, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Microgrids, Waste Heat Recovery, Tight Oil Extraction, Distributed Energy Generation, Offshore Wind Energy Technology, Fuel Cells and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle.