Metropolis in turmoil: Examining dangerous issues faced by some of the world’s most important cities


Whilst some cities are booming and transforming into Megacities, and others generate huge portions of their countries wealth, they are also, where the biggest social, economic and environmental problems are worst. Some of the biggest issues in the modern world are so dangerous they could cause a city to become failed and many issues are relatively new with no immediately obvious solution. From economic woes, population booms, rising sea levels, crime and corruption and political instability, the issues affecting some major cities around the world are legion.

Key Highlights

  • Rio de Janeiro is suffering under the strain of bankruptcy, corruption which inflated the costs of the Olympic Games and police brutality. All of these are hampering efforts to recover economically and encourage the growth of business.
  • Miami encapsulates the worst problems faced by many cities in the US today. Poor governance, dramatic inequality and endemic crime have created social and economic difficulties which are going to be extremely tough to rectify.
  • Greece is suffering through a worse recession than the US great depression with over a quarter of its economic output wiped off the books, and Athens is the epicenter. Political instability, extreme cuts to state spending and high unemployment makes Athens a prime example of rapid decline.


  • Looks at the challenges London faces outside of the European Union.
  • Analyzes how Delhi is straining under the pressures of rapid population growth.
  • Examines the problems caused to Miami by seemingly endemic gang crime issues.
  • Assesses the post-Olympic future of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Examines the economic plight of Athens amid the Euro crises, crippling debt and social discontent.

Reasons To Buy

  • What are the main problems Rio faces in reversing economic decline?
  • What are the risks to London maintaining a leading position in the world after Brexit?
  • What is the impact rampant overpopulation on Delhi?
  • What are the economic impacts of the various crises which are occurring in Athens?
  • How does the social and economic problems Miami faces inhibit the prospects of the city?