Playground Buzz is a brand tracking report, available in spring, summer and autumn editions each year, coinciding with the academic school term in the UK.

The report is designed to inform users about the most popular brands which children are engaging with, across television, music, games, websites, gadgets, toys and any other areas of interest.

We focus around two themes: what have children been talking about recently and what are their favourite things. Brands mentioned have been extracted and are listed as a top ten, for the whole sample and across four gender and age groups. Analysis is split to represent the differences between ’tween’ (7-12 year olds) and ’teen’ (13-16 year olds) boys and girls.

Every term, more than 1000 children are interviewed via the CHILDWISE schools panel. Children from school years 3 to 12 are approached to take part in the research. Interviews are carried out online in schools.