"Success Case Study: Bulldog Skincare - How catering directly and exclusively to men reduced male reservations about skincare", is part of GlobalData’s Successes and Failures research. It examines the details and reasons behind the success of Bulldog Skincare, a skincare brand designed and marketed exclusively for men. It delivers the critical "what?", "why?", and "so what?" analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products.

The UK male skincare market has been expanding over the past decade, and can be expected to continue to do so as men become more image-conscious and more comfortable with using such products. Tailoring products directly and exclusively to men may help win those consumers. It had been commonly believed that the weakness of the male skincare market was due to lack of interest rather than the failure of brands and products, but it has now become clear that products can succeed if they find the right approach.


  • Bulldog Skincare created a successful brand and reduced male reservations about skincare.
  • It found success by basing its product on four pillars: gender exclusivity, solution-orientation, using "natural" ingredients, and being positioned as animal- and eco-friendly.
  • Major players in the skincare market such as L’Or?al failed to attract male consumers because of their strong association with femininity.
  • Tapping into niches such as male skincare requires direct and potent marketing but can potentially offer high rewards.

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