This study discusses the global plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) market till 2025. The geographical scope includes North America, Europe, and Asia (China, Japan, and South Korea).

The possibilities of future engine, battery, and electric motor technologies have been discussed. The position of the PHEV in the automotive market and its future market share has been derived, along with the analysis on future emission standards.

The strategic positioning of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with respect to PHEVs has been profiled. Future trends and analysis on year-over-year growth by region and vehicle segment, along with OEM market share and fuel type analysis, have been included in this study.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • What is the future scenario of the automotive powertrain market and the role of EVs in it?
  • Which regions will lead the passenger PHEV market?
  • What are the various models being offered by each OEM group and their projected market share?
  • What are the technology and market roadmaps for the future of PHEVs by 2025?
  • What are the current pricing trends and price-point comparisons of PHEVs?
  • How do various OEMs position themselves and their PHEV strategies towards 2025?