Over the years, the level of demand for carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites has steadily increased in striking parallel with the number of aerospace and industrial applications using prepreg. From aerospace to sporting goods to wind energy, carbon fiber is rapidly gaining acceptance as an alternative material to metals, wood, and plastics, and is becoming more widely recognized for its high-performance characteristics.

Firms that produce carbon fiber are approaching market opportunities with starkly different strategies. In a major new research report, “Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2016,” Lucintel’s analysts examine and profile five of the world’s leading carbon fiber producers. This report offers a full competitive analysis from target markets to product mapping and from selling strategy to production capabilities.

A total of 103 figures / charts and 24 tables are provided in this 198-page report to help in your business decisions. Sample figures with some insights are shown below. To learn the scope of, benefits, companies researched and other details of carbon fiber competitive analysis report, download the report brochure

Lucintel built profiles of each competitor based on the following criteria:
Company Overview Company Description and Business Segments Company Statistics Carbon Fiber Business Overview Carbon Fiber Business Segments Global Carbon Fiber Operations Key Differentiators and Strengths Products and Product Positioning Product Line Overview Product Mapping Product Positioning in Market Segments Production Global Manufacturing Operations Financial Condition
The resulting research report represents the most complete strategic and tactical assessment of the carbon fiber producer landscape available. In terms of the total revenue generated by leading carbon fiber producers, Toray ranks number one, followed by Teijin. The larger companies also include Mitsubishi and Cytec.

The detailed analysis of each company offers a critical view into key strategic areas, including:
Carbon fiber producer target markets Key differentiators, strengths, competitors, and other insights
Designed for composites industry professionals, financial services firms, and industrial users of prepreg, Lucintel’s Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2016 is the industry’s first comprehensive examination of the carbon fiber producers’ competitive landscape.

This unique report from Lucintel will provide you with valuable information, insights, and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate your business successfully in this market. This report will save hundreds of hours of your own personal research time and will significantly benefit you in expanding your business in this market. In today’s stringent economy, you need every advantage that you can find.

The dynamics of the carbon fiber industry extends beyond routine macro-economic elements of supply and demand. It is the relationship between buyer’s needs and seller’s capabilities as well as the macroeconomic forces at work that affect the market. It is how well and how efficiently the sellers meet the needs of the buyers that determine long-term success.

In Lucintel’s newest competitive research study on the world’s leading carbon fiber producers-“Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2016” we thoroughly profile the seven companies with detailed competitive assessments.

The detailed analysis of each company offers a critical view into key strategic areas, including:
Carbon fiber producer target markets Key differentiators, strengths, competitors Product line overview, positioning, and mapping Market position in global carbon fiber business Revenue breakdown by market segments and regions Global manufacturing operations Current and forecasted production capacities Innovation and market leadership Marketing, sales, and organizational capabilities Management commitment and track record Financial strength
Collected from a series of primary vendor interviews and secondary sources, Lucintel also provides its own scorecard for determining which of these companies is better aligned with future market opportunities and which has the ability to gain additional market share.

Using its proprietary research methodology, Lucintel developed a comparative analysis named the Lucintel Leadership Quadrant which identifies leaders and challengers in the carbon fiber industry. Leadership closely examined and rated each carbon fiber maker on two primary criteria as shown below:

1. Alignment with market opportunity
2. Ability to gain market share

Ability to gain market share was analyzed using following parameters:
Product portfolio Financial strength Asset position Execution skill Customer experience
Alignment with market opportunity was analyzed using following parameters:
Target growth markets New product development Corporate and functional strategy Presence within the industry
In addition to the Lucintel Leadership Quadrant, this comprehensive research report also offers for consumers of carbon fiber as well as the investment community content-rich comparative analyses detailing which producers have the production capacity, service capabilities and vision to deliver fully on its promises.