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"ForeSights: Magnetic Technology in Skincare and Make-Up" explores the opportunity for innovation into magnetic technology across the skincare and make-up categories.

Magnetic technology has the potential to offer several applications in make-up and skincare including improving ingredient absorption, make-up application and design, waterless formulation, and cleansing.


  • Magnetic technology could offer a unique route to appeal to highly experimental Millennials.
  • High priority is placed on how unique a product is when making beauty and grooming choices, creating opportunities for these unique delivery and application methods.
  • This type of technology capitalizes on positive perceptions and the established nature of magnotherapy.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into the different routes through which products can align with this concept including examples of emerging innovation.
  • Gain insight into the potential opportunities, challenges, and recommendations for harnessing this approach.
  • Identify the innovation implications of magnetic technology in skincare and make-up.