The CHILDWISE Monitor is a comprehensive annual report focused on children’s and teenagers’ media consumption, brand attitudes and key behaviour, now in its 23rd year. This year, around 2000 children aged 5-16 across the United Kingdom were interviewed in depth on a range of topics.

The 2016 Monitor Survey covers:

  • Tablets and Technology: computer ownership and usage, internet usage, time spent online, reasons for going online, connected devices, new technology
  • Websites and Applications: favourite sites / apps, social networking websites used, websites and apps used to keep in touch
  • Gaming: devices used for gaming, games console ownership, gaming behaviour, time spent playing, favourite games
  • YouTube: frequency of use, time spent using, devices used for access, reasons for using, activities carried out, favourite YouTubers
  • Mobile Phones: ownership, usage, who pays, how are calls paid for, monthly spend
  • Television Viewing: time spent watching, channels watched, favourite programmes
  • Video on Demand: on demand vs. linear TV, devices used for viewing, what children watch on YouTube / Netflix / BBC iPlayer, choosing what to watch
  • Music: accessing music, favourite groups, downloading music
  • Reading: favourite magazines, last book read, frequency / time spent reading, ebook readers, reading online
  • Children’s Equipment: devices used to access different media
  • Money: pocket money and earnings, ad-hoc handouts, jobs
  • Children’s Purchasing: categories bought from
  • Sport and Activities: weekly hours in / out of school, opinion on amount of sport in school, sports played at school / out of school / watched on TV / watched live, Rio Olympics 2016, activities outside school
  • Heath and Wellbeing: how healthy, how happy, life compared with last year
  • Social Awareness: interest in current affairs, sources of news and information