Increasing number of pre-born babies has increased the demand of the intrapartum monitors technology. In the United States one out of 10 babies are born early. There has been rise in the preterm babies in 2015 as compared to the 2014. Factors which are responsible for the preterm birth are teenagers who get pregnant, low socio economic position that includes education, income and occupation. Women who gets pregnant after age of 35 years also lead to the preterm birth.

Intrapartum technology is segmented based on the type and equipment. On the basis of the equipment, segmentation is done as infant warmers, incubators, convertible warmer and incubators, phototherapy equipment, respiratory device and neonatal monitoring. Based on the type segmentation is done as fetal doppler, fetal MRI system, fetal monitors and fetal oximeter. Infant warmer are used to control and regulate the body temperature of the neonatal patient. Many new born babies have difficulty to maintain their body temperature, which lead to the hypothermia. Infant warmer works by combining the compartment that holds the bag with hypoallergenic sleeping bag. Before inserting the pouch in the sleeping bag of the baby it is heated up to the 37 degree Celsius.

There are number of companies which do business in this market. They are Space Lab Health Care, Phoenix Medical System, Novenata Medical AB, Meditronics Public Limited Company, Natus Medical Inc, Mediana Ltd Co Private Ltd, Fisher and Paykel Health Care Cooperation, Ge Healthcare, EADEN Instrument, Cooper Surgical Inc, Atom Medical Cooperation, Becton Dickson and Company. Medtronic’s core valve Evolut Pro Transcatheters valve has got approval from FDA. It is used for the treatment of severe aortic stenosis for the patient who has high risk of open heart surgery.

Key driver of the market is initiative taken by the government. According to the World health organization definition of the preterm birth is defined as birth of baby before 37 weeks that is birth in less than 259 days of the gestation. Normally the time of the pregnancy is 40 weeks. Another factor which is driving the market is increasing demand of the new technology in the hospitals to give proper care to the baby during the period of the pregnancy and after birth. Many countries have taken steps towards the prevention of the child death rate due to preterm birth. In the conclusion, it can be said that due to rigorous steps taken by the government in the different countries to prevent the death of the infant, proper medical care unit have been established. In the developing countries, there is need of this type of technology as death rate is high in infants due to the preterm birth.