"Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Pairing Food and Drink" outlines consumer motivations for pairing food with drink, identifying four key trends, and exploring future opportunities to capitalize on.

Food and drink pairing is not a new concept. Wine and food matching is one of the most familiar forms of food and drink pairing. But consumers are seeking food and drink combinations beyond the traditional.


  • Consumers want to explore food and drink combinations that enhance their sensory experiences beyond wine, and non-alcoholic beverages in particular offer opportunities.
  • Innovative food and drink pairing options can address healthy consumption, reducing guilt associated with unhealthy diet without compromising on sensory pleasure.
  • Consumers seek enjoyment and unique experiences through food and drinks, and experimental pairings can capitalize on this consumer demand.

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify the key consumer behaviors shaping beauty food and drink pairing trends.
  • Gain specific insights and implications into food and drink pairing concepts.
  • Analyze key innovation approaches in pairing food with drinks.