Feed additives have now become an essential part of the globally increasing meat production industry. These are important ingredients that are combined with basic feed mix to provide essential nutrition to animals and improve their overall growth. These help to improve the rate of weight gain, prevent diseases in animals, prevent vitamin deficiencies, and improve feed digestion and conversion. Most of the feed additives are used in micro quantities in the form of injectables, pellets, liquids, and powders. A variety of feed additives are available that are used in different quantities and concentrations depending upon the type of animal. This research report provides in-depth market intelligence on the global feed additives market, which is currently witnessing a steady growth due to an increasing scope of applications in the livestock industry. The end consumers of feed additives are compound feed manufacturers, integrators, farmers, home-mixers, livestock and aquaculture industry. Scientific evidence may help the feed additives sector gain considerable market share in the future. This would be possible by increasing the investments in R&D and cost management, coupled with information flow for nutrient requirements of animal. Adoption rate of farmers & meat producers, pricing, and availability of raw materials have brought about changes in the feed additives market in terms of formulations, usage, and production priorities. This report takes into account this wide range of factors and their influence on the market dynamics.