The diesel engine filters aftermarket in Mexico is experiencing growth that is driven by a revamp in the United States and domestic economy. It is characterized by growth in the GDP, mining, construction, and transport industries. Old bus and truck fleets in Mexico drive the filters aftermarket growth mainly for locally manufactured products, while premium brands capture market share due to the sales of new bus and truck units. Because of increasing competition from domestic Mexican companies and low-cost Asian imports, Tier I companies are redesigning new market strategies that are aimed at maintaining their market shares. Extended warranties are a key market strategy and are tied to official technical services obligations, mining and construction company stakeholders, and training programs for third party mechanics, drivers, and transport. Donaldson, Fleetguard (Cummins Filtration), Caterpillar, and Baldwin dominate the filters market, while the Mexican company Gonher is the most important nationally owned company with good growth perspectives. Imported low cost parts, mainly from Asia, are threatening the Mexican diesel engine filters market due to price wars and low quality. Moreover, many cloned parts are imported from Asian nations and are labeled with Tier I company brands, which are also affecting brand reputations. In order to fight this challenge, the Mexican Filter Manufacturers Association (AMFFI), together with its associates, is developing media and marketing campaigns to alert consumers about this issue and inform users about the dangers of using low-cost cloned parts to the diesel engine lifecycle. Although the filter market is at mature stage, the main market participants are currently investing in R&D activities in order to develop cutting-edge technologies, to differentiate from Tier II and Tier III companies, and to adapt to the new technological developments of diesel engines. This research service provides segmentation and forecasts of market size, channel analysis, company profiles, market shares, several breakdowns, drivers and restraints, and key trends.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • What is the business environment of the construction, mining, and transportation industries and its impact on filter sales?
  • How are filters classified, and how is the market structured?
  • Who are the market leaders and what are their market shares?
  • What are the market trends in the market?
  • What is the growth potential of the market?