"Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Convenient Food and Drinks" is part of GlobalData’s Consumer Insight research. It examines the top trends, innovation themes, and opportunities in convenient food and drinks affecting each FMCG market.

Today’s busy lifestyles affect perceptions of time, and hence consumers demand more convenient items. This report outlines consumer motivations driving the purchase of time-saving products and services. It also discusses key innovation trends in the food and drink market by identifying five key trends, and explores future opportunities within this space.


  • The senior "silver" consumer segment is growing worldwide, with unserved demand for convenience.
  • Single male consumers have a proactive attitude towards cooking meals at home, but seek convenience.
  • Convenience-oriented consumers do not want to compromise on quality.
  • Time-saving consumers are more actively seeking out products that improve their health than average.

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand the relevant consumer trends and attitudes that drive and support innovation.
  • Identify the opportunities to explore how convenience in packaging and products can be aligned to satisfy the needs of consumers.