Financial Technology (FinTech) represents both a highly disruptive challenge for incumbent financial institutions as a transformational opportunity for new market entrants as well as currently entrenched constituents in the ecosystem.

All indications point towards the need for substantial change in the financial sector, driven by major macro forces such as the complete digitization of money (e.g. paper and coin money to become nearly extinct) as well as cultural changes such as the general acceptance of online and mobile banking, alternative banking providers, and peer-to-peer payments to name a few.

2.5 billion adults are excluded from the formal financial system

There are many existing technologies being re-purposed within the FinTech arena, but there are also a few important new technology development areas. One of the big opportunities for FinTech is Big Data and predictive analytics solutions, which are poised to optimize the value of data within the financial services sector. Big Data technologies and related business intelligence solutions provide financial services firms with the capability to capture and analyze data, build predictive models, back-test and simulate scenarios. Through iteration, firms will determine the most important variables and also key predictive models.

This research provides a comparative analysis between the legacy financial system and emerging FinTech solutions including disruption, potential benefits, and challenges. The Report evaluates the evolving FinTech market ecosystem including startups, banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and non-financial organizations. The report analyzes the global impact of FinTech and the outlook for specific regions. The report provides forecasts for the period 2017 - 2022. 

Target Audience:

  • FinTech companies
  • Mobile service providers
  • Big Data and analytics providers
  • Finance regulatory and policy makers
  • Cloud and physical infrastructure providers
  • Financial services companies and personnel
  • Organizations investing in the financial services