Our Internet of Things (IoT) Executive Brief is a series of tracker reports to provide an update of the key IoT and M2M announcements each quarter, highlighting the trends and the direction of growth in the market.

Research scope:  

The technology stack includes market trends in the vendor landscape, products and services, and standards and interoperability.
The market landscape includes competitive trends in strategic and business models, partners, mergers and acquisitions, market differentiation, and market forecasts.  

IoT is differentiated in that it covers the digitisation and virtualisation of objects, people, and places into interoperable data flows, and typically involves open-ended, mediated contractual relationships.
The geographic scope is primarily Europe and North America.  

Key questions this tracker will answer:
1. Who are the stakeholders in the ecosystem?
2. Who are the customers and end users?
3. What use cases and applications are deployed?
4. Why adopt IoT? (industry drivers)
5. When will IoT take off?
6. How big is the market potential and for whom?
7. How is IoT being built? What are the technology roadmaps, go-to-market strategies, funding sources, and standardisation activities?