The apparel supply chain is a complex ecosystem with multiple, interactive moving parts. Despite the best-laid schemes of mice, men and sourcing professionals, things will go wrong, ranging from speed bumps, blips and blunders to unqualified disasters. It may turn out that some production problems, such as quality claims, delivery delays and compliance violations, could, in hindsight, have been predicted and prevented. But how can you prepare for the unknown?

This practical guide from an ex-Sourcing VP explains how to fix sourcing issues whilst protecting your people, relationships and brand.

Extract: ?Natural disasters and civil unrest can blindside even the most conscientious ?i-dotters and t-crossers? to cause destruction and disruption. Previously reliable people, production and procedures can be sabotaged by human fallibility and subverted by the forces of nature and history... The sourcing team?s objective is to ensure that buyers receive what they ordered, when it was promised.?

This 34-page report sets out how to approach four common areas of conflict:

  • Resolving quality claims
  • Dealing with delayed shipments
  • Correcting compliance violations
  • Reacting to natural disasters and civil unrest

The author, Margie Bross, Sourcing Consultant, previously Country Manager Indonesia for Eralda/Talbots and Sourcing Manager in the U.S. and Asia for various well-known brands, provides a highly practical guide to handling some of the biggest challenges that sourcing teams can face. This report also features a checklist of common ?Do?s and Don?ts? to refer to when problems arise.

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