Global pipeline industry is expected to witness steady investment flows in the short term amidst fall in oil and gas prices. With high inventories of oil and increased supplies of crude oil, countries are focusing on transmission and storage investments.

The comprehensive Global Pipeline report from one of the industry leaders, provides complete details of planned projects, network span (length) outlook by country, investments and current status of upcoming projects along with analysis of the regional Pipeline outlook to 2022.

It allows users to understand the current scenario of business development and investment prospects in pipeline markets across the world. By comparing the project costs with peer projects and analyzing the trends in development of planned projects, readers will be able to design their strategies of operating/ expanding in global Pipeline markets.

The report also provides details of market value and volume, which can be compared on a global and regional level, enabling clients to understand the scope of regional Pipeline markets on global front and portrait the outlook in current dynamic market conditions.

Latest industry developments and their impact on existing players is also analyzed in the research work. Data and analysis is presented in the most user friendly format to gain quick insights and better understanding.