The global processed food and beverage market will undergo significant transformation over the next year due to the direct impact of key Mega Trends including the emergence of new business models that will transform food retail, the impact of changing socioeconomics, connected eating in the cognitive era, and the continued rise of “freedom food.”  Valued at $4.601 trillion in 2016, revenues are expected to reach $4.675 trillion by 2017 given a year-on-year growth of 1.6%, although revenue trajectory varies widely by product segment and geography.

Research Scope
  • This research study focuses on the global processed food and beverage market and includes the following product categories (and subcategories):
  • Beverages (alcohol, soft drinks, hot drinks)
  • Canned, Frozen, and Perishable Groceries (CFPG) (baby food; dressings, sauces, and condiments; meal replacement; oils/fats; ready-
  •         to-eat meals; soups; other CFPG)
  • Carbohydrates (carbs) (baked goods; biscuits; breakfast cereals; noodles; pasta; rice)
  • Confectionery (chocolate candy, gum, sugar candy)
  • Dairy & Ice Cream
  • Pet Food (dog food and treats; cat food and treats)
  • Snacks (chips, nuts, and sweet snacks; snack bars)

The market size for 2016 is provided for each category and subcategory and forecasted for 2017. This study also highlights industry trends and growth drivers that are expected in 2017. Forecasts by geography (Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe, and the Rest of World) are also provided for each product category and subcategory.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • What will the future of the processed food and beverage market look like and what key challenges will impact its ability to feed the world
          2017 and beyond?
  • How do macroeconomic, social, technological, and political factors determine the demand for processed food and beverage products
         among final consumers?
  • Which processed food and beverage products will witness the greatest growth opportunities and what are the underlying Mega Trends that
        support this growth?
  • What are the primary consumer factors that will contribute to the overall growth and growth mix in the processed food and beverage market?