Identity and Access Management (IAM) lifecycle is comprised of a comprehensive set of business processes and enterprise infrastructure for the purpose of maintaining digital identities and providing a secured and documented access to enterprise resources and applications. There are significant number of programs opted by enterprises to maintain regulatory compliance from time to time by optimizing processes and changing policies. However, there are some segments of the IAM ecosystem that requires advancements in technology also which are often neglected by many. Technology development should go hand-in-hand with policy reforms to strengthen security across organizations and bridge the gaps in identity management that is present in many modern day enterprises.

This research service identifies the key technology development areas within Identity and Access Management space and explores the benefits of such technology development. The report also highlights the key developers in the identified technology segments to give an overview of the technology advancements.

In brief, this research service provides the following:
a) A brief snapshot of the benefits of Identity and Access Management solution implementation
b) Key challenges faced by organizations in the implementation process
c) The market trend and its potential across region and application areas
d) The key technology development areas within Identity and Access Management
e) Key participants under each of the enabling technology segments