Electronic skin, otherwise known as e-skin or artificial skin is an ultrathin electronic material developed by integrating electronic devices on flexible and stretchable substrates. E-skin is an emerging and an advanced technology which is primarily intended for health monitoring and medical applications, such as measuring and sensing of internal vital sign activities in the body.

E-skin has created footprint in consumer electronics and robotics markets. In the consumer market, e-skin is expected to replace existing body worn wearable devices, thus leading to creation of a new user interface device for controlling external electronic devices. E-skin has the potential to have high impact on robotics applications due to their ability to provide sense of touch.
The technology and innovation report discusses about emerging opportunities in e-skin. It captures advancements and impact of current and future applications. Modules covered in the report include:
  • Technology Status and Segmentation
  • Application Landscape
  • Key Innovations and Impact on Key Application Segments
  • Patent Assessment and Funding Scenario
  • Technology Roadmap and Emerging Opportunities
  • Key Questions for Strategy Planning