KTandG is the leading cigarette manufacturer in South Korea, and until late 2002 it was the sole domestic manufacturer of cigarettes in South Korea and controlled by the government. Its privatization was finally completed in 2002 and its monopoly rights removed. The company has been developing its international sales by growing its presence in export markets and in 2015 international sales exceeded its domestic volume for the first time. After it was privatized, the company began to diversify into pharmaceuticals and real estate as well as into health foods and beverages.

Key Findings

  • KTandG reported global cigarette sales of 87.1 billion pieces in 2015
  • International sales grew to a record of 46.5 billion pieces in 2015, exceeding the domestic sales for first time
  • Its domestic sales volume in 2015 is equivalent to 58.4% of the market
  • KTandG reached its overall sales record in 2012, when it sold 100.4 billion pieces

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