This research service focuses on the competitive profiling of 15 global airline and airline groups that include 4 from the United States, 4 from Europe, 1 from Russia, 2 from the Middle-East, and 4 from Asia. The 10-year profiling of these airlines and airline groups includes their financial performance, major traffic, and capacity metrics, as well as key strategic highlights. These 15 carriers represent over 40% of the global passenger traffic and their performance is directly linked to the financial health of the airline industry and the wider aviation supply chain. An airline’s long-term corporate strategy, driving inorganic growth and strategic partnerships, as well as the implementation of profit improvement initiatives are mirrored in its financial and operating performance. An insight on the airline fleet expansion trends, operating costs and revenue trends would be beneficial to airline IT suppliers, onboard retailers, and aircraft manufacturers to get a holistic view of where the airline industry is headed.