The Global Nano Coating Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.6 % during 2016-2022 and it is projected to reach $14219.05 million by 2022. Increasing technological advancement is a key driver for global nano coating market. In the present scenario, nanotechnology is being used in coating industry. Nanotechnology brings an innovation in the products of manufactures in automotive, aviation and other industries. In 2016, Aquashield is a leader in nanotechnology and it develops nano coating product line of ultra-thin protective coatings that provide environment friendly and non-toxic, UV resistant and long lasting products. Nanotechnology is widely deployed in automotive windscreens, glass facades shower screens and painted surfaces for water repellency treatment to protect against water damage. Nanotechnology enables manufactures to create differentiated and highly specific products in various sectors such as healthcare for drug delivery, medical implant, in vitro diagnostics and many others. Moreover, rise in demand for functional coatings in consumer electronics is opening new avenue for the global nano coating market.

Global nano coating market is segmented on the basis of application such as automotive, medical & healthcare, electronics, food & packaging, building & construction, aviation & aerospace and others (cosmetics, agriculture and textile). Nano coating is widely used in building & construction segment as self-cleaning coatings for glass, corrosion inhibitor coating for roofing, nano filtration, light activate nanoparticles, UV absorbing nanoparticles, thermal insulator & additives etc. The market is further segmented on the basis of anti-microbial, anti-finger print, self-cleaning and anti-fouling and easy-to-clean and others (specialty coatings and anti-corrosion). In 2015, self-cleaning segment held the major share approx. 30% in the nano coatings market. Anti-fingerprint nano coatings is majorly used in automotive and electronics sectors because of increase in the use of touch based devices. Hence, it is expected to be the fastest growing segment in near future.

Global nano coating market is segmented by geographically, includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and ROW. Asia Pacific is projected to witness the highest growth rate in global nano coating market during forecast period. The growth of nano coating market in Asia Pacific is backed by increasing demand for nanotechnology within the emerging countries include China, Japan and India. In 2015, China was a leading country in production of technology based products which holds approx. 30% share of the nanotechnology based building products in global market.

The key players for the global nano coating market includes Aquashield Technologies, CIMA Nanotech, CG2 nanocoatings, Nanofilm ltd., Nanogate AG, Surfix BV Advanced Nano coatings, ADMAT Innovations, Nanomech Inc, EIKOS Inc, Telsa Nano coatings Inc, etc. The companies are adopting various strategies like merger, acquisition, joint venture and new product launch including innovations which differentiate their products. In 2015, Nanofilm ltd. launched a new product Clarity AR that is lens cleaner for anti-reflective super hydrophobic lenses.