Globally 50 FPSO are expected to start operations over the next four years. However, declining upstream capital spending by companies due to low crude oil price scenario is expected to delay the planned start of several FPSOs. South America will lead globally with planned deployment of 21 FPSOs by 2020. Africa and Europe are the other major regions in the world with planned deployment of 10 and 9 FPSOs respectively over the next four years.


  • Count of FPSOs that were brought online from 2010 to 2015 by key regions in the world, outlook up to 2020
  • Forecast of FPSOs that will be brought online by 2020, by key countries and operators
  • Details of major planned FPSOs in the world up to 2020
  • Recent developments, tenders and contracts by key regions, where available

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