The technology of beauty devices and apps has been rapidly developing. More consumers are interested in including these devices in their beauty routines, as they can meet consumer demand for beauty products that offer value, convenience, time savings, and instant gratification. Beauty devices have great potential to become personal care essentials.

Key Findings

  • Consumers enjoy the simplicity of a single product that caters to numerous functions.
  • Image-consciousness and varieties of personal care and beauty concerns motivate consumers to use beauty devices and apps.
  • As the usage of beauty devices increases, consumers are starting to look for devices that are usable for out-of-home occasions, such as traveling and work.
  • Interactive tools connect customers and brands. Consumers enjoy using them, making their online shopping experience fun and convenient.
  • Consumers are keen to use digital tools to monitor/manage their activities, and functions allowing them to do so will gain traction in beauty devices.
  • Consumers are becoming more digitalized, and beauty devices need to offer more futuristic applications

This report outlines consumer motivations for purchasing beauty devices and using beauty and personal care shopping apps. It also discusses key innovation trends in beauty devices and apps by identifying six key trends, and explores future opportunities within this space.

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify the key consumer behaviors shaping beauty devices and apps and resulting trends.
  • Gain specific insight and implications into beauty devices and apps.
  • Analyze key innovation approaches in beauty devices and apps.