Market Insights:
Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market is expected to grow at a CAGR 5.2% during the forecasted period from 2016-2021. Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market is growing at a modest rate due to huge consumption of processed milk, cream, cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, milk powder and protein concentrates across the globe. Global rise in adoption of dairy processing equipments such as pasteurizers, homogenizers, separators, evaporators & dryers, churning machines, crystallizers and so on are driving the market. Processed milk has considerable market share in the dairy processing equipment market and milk powder and protein concentrates are among the fastest-growing segment due to wide adoption across the globe. Rising demand of milk powder in daily consumption and as an ingredient in sports nutrition and baby feed is creating scope for the market.

Global Dairy Processing market has considerable business in Europe and North America followed by APAC region. China and India are among the promising economies which created huge scope for Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market due to huge customer base, rise in standards of living and spending power. The pivotal factors contributing in the growth of Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market includes rising demand for dairy products across the globe, rise in dairy production, adoption of packaged and frozen dairy products, rising demand for healthier and delectable dairy products. Increasing health consciousness among individuals and wide variety of dairy products triggered the consumption of dairy products.

Moreover, adoption of automation technology in Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market enabled to increase the milk production across the globe. Favorable government policies are also boosting the Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market. Larger processing plants increases the production capacity and adoption of automation technology results in better operational efficiency. The Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market is affected by the recurring cost of energy and power. However, declining raw material prices and rise in production of dairy products is expected to overcome the high cost. The report also includes detailed Market Overview, Market Determinants, Company Profiling, Sector Analysis, Market Segmentation, Geographical Analysis, Patent Analysis, Strategic Recommendations, Key Company Analysis, GAP Analysis, Key Findings, Market Estimations, Market Insights, Analyst Insights and predictive analysis of the market.

Geographical Insights:
North America and Europe has the highest contribution to Global Dairy Processing Equipment market followed by Europe. Abolition of Quota system in EU region is driving the European Dairy Processing Equipment Market. Europe and North America have the highest consumption of cheese and other dairy products. Untapped APAC region such as China, India, Japan and Korea are the most emerging economies with significant consumption of milk and other dairy products. APAC region is considered to be lucrative for Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market due to huge population and rising adoption of milk and derivatives. APAC is considered to be the most emerging market due to high consumption of dairy products, low-cost manufacturing, cheap labor and improved infrastructure and favorable government policies. Competitive Insights:
The key players of Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market includes: A&B Process Systems, Abbott Nutrition, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Anderson Instrument Company Inc, Cole-Parmer, Dairy Heritage/Agri-Service Llc, Dean Foods, Feldmeir Equipment, Inc, GEA Group, IDMC Limited, IMA Group, Jaybee Precision, Inc., Kraft Food Group Inc, Nestle, Saputo, Scherjon Equipment Holland B.V., SPX Corporation, Tetra Laval International S.A., Krones Group, Van’t Riet Dairy Technology. Various corporate strategies such as R&D, product launch, partnership and collaboration are widely adopted by key players to stay competitive.

Market Segmentation:
Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market is segmented on the basis of Type, Application and Region. Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market by Type includes Homogenizers, Separators, Membrane Filtration, Pasteurizer, and Evaporators & Dryers. Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market by application includes processed milk, cheese, cream, protein concentrates, milk powder and other applications.