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Eastern Company was established in 1920 and is the sole cigarette manufacturer in Egypt. It is a joint stock company and still under state control, but has been partially privatized. Eastern retains a significant share of a relatively large Egyptian cigarette market and in addition to producing its own cigarette brands, the best known of which is Cleopatra, it manufactures some 19 leading foreign brands under license. Eastern has invested heavily in upgrading its manufacturing facilities and is regarded as one of the most advanced companies in the region. To assist with its desire to maintain its position in the market, as well as controlling its costs, the company has recently signed a number of agreements with other manufacturers.

Key Findings
Eastern Company (EC) is majority owned by the Egyptian Government, despite having been subject to a long drawn out process of privatization. The new regime appears to be against liberalization, so it seems unlikely that there will be any imminent change in Eastern’s status. It is currently 52.7% owned by the government. Cigarettes (both owned and those produced under license for foreign manufacturers) account for over 94% of the value of Eastern’s tobacco sales in Egypt. Eastern’s sales distribution network for cigarettes is spread throughout the country, although the focus is on Cairo (27%) and Alexandria (19%).

Company Insight - Eastern Company, is an analytical report by Canadean that provides extensive and highly detailed analysis into Eastern, the Egyptian cigarette manufacturer. It offers detailed information such as market shares and recent company developments, and information about it’s leading brands and challenges.

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