Car manufacturers have been struggling to survive not only due to their competence gaps in envisioning the retailing future, but also because of their weaknesses in identifying the recovery actions needed to bounce back to profitability when it comes to retailing. This study discusses in detail about the different retail store mix strategies that European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are using to pioneer the digitization of automotive retailing. Strategies include launching digital showroom concepts, which are accessible on technology platforms including computers, tablets, and cell phones and revamping existing showrooms for retail and aftersales segments.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • What are the different retail methodologies adopted by key global OEMs, distributor groups, and aggregators to increase vehicle sales?
  • How does the retail channel (in-store or online) impact the type of customer?
  • How does offering additional services (e.g., financial leasing, maintenance contracts, mobility services) at the point of sale impact automotive retail?
  • What are the challenges