The public safety community, after the careful consideration of stakeholders around the world, has selected LTE as the preferred access technology for digital services. However, first responders will also rely on 3G and 2G for voice, data, and M2M until such time as 3GPP LTE standards include advanced voice and other mission-critical features. Coverage must extend beyond urban centres to be both ubiquitous and resilient.

This study examines the global public safety networks market, including drivers and restraints and their impact through 2020. Public safety network per-capita spending and spending forecasts through 2020 are provided by region and top countries, and a look at the transition to mobile broadband services spending is included. The study examines the top 5 markets globally for these products, offering highlights of the current market state, a look at key stakeholders and competitors, and key projects and notable contracts. The global competitive environment is discussed, including vendor benchmarking.