Natural Gas consumption is on the rise in the power generation sector, and NRG Expert’s new Global Natural Gas Industry Intelligence product will give you the data and insights that are necessary to understand this growing market. We have researched the Natural Gas market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report that focuses on the discovery, extraction and uses of natural gas. The report and database combine NRG Expert’s research abilities with a keen understanding of the power generation landscape to give you a comprehensive look at the sector.

Key Reasons to Purchase this Natural Gas Sector Research:
  • Gain a clear global understanding of the natural gas industry including natural gas prices, reserves and natural gas technology
  • Understand the future direction of the natural gas power generation market and its potential using our forecasts
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas including liquefied natural gas
  • Gain insight into the natural gas power generation landscape at a country level
  • Understand some of the key differences between various natural gas technologies
  • Understand some of the challenges of natural gas transportation

What’s in this Global Natural Gas Industry Intelligence Product:

The Report takes a look at reserves, supply and demand, unconventional natural gas, LNG/CNG/NGLs/GTL technologies, pricing, and demand analysis. Furthermore, the report outlines the structure of the natural gas industry; presenting definitions, the techniques and methods of calculation, and an overview of the natural gas industry as a whole.