This study is derived from a survey of IT decision makers around the world across multiple industries. It provides insightful information on what drives investment in IT solutions, the IT-related challenges that organizations face today, and most importantly, plans for IT budgets. Technologies covered include Enterprise Mobility Management, Social Media Management & Marketing Tools, eCommerce/mCommerce, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Infrastructure and Data Centers, Big Data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (M2M), ERP/Supply Chain Management/HR Management. There is section on Internet of Things that explores drivers, challenges, and different phases of implementation.  End user companies will be able to benchmark themselves with regard to IT investments while IT companies will learn how to gain a competitive advantage over the next few years.

Excerpts from study:
  • The manufacturing industry is embracing Internet of Things (IoT) services. The number of respondents with internal deployments are ahead of those watching and learning. Deployment of next gen solutions is the third largest phase of deployment in this industry, making manufacturing one of the leaders in IoT implementation.
  • Security risks and managing data protection & privacy requirements are the main restraints to deploying IoT. The drivers for investment in IoT include the ability to optimize field or on-site operations, boost customer services, and automate manual processes.
  • In general, dealing with security threats, automating and streamlining business purposes, and ensuring network stability/reliability are top IT challenges.
  • Migrating to the cloud, automating and streamlining processes, and shadow IT are the challenges that are more important to tackle for CIOs than CEOs.
  • Over the next few years, companies will invest in IT solutions that help them to gain a competitive advantage, improve sales and marketing effectiveness, and expand to new markets.
  • Companies with stronger revenue growth find great value in IT solutions that improve productivity and collaboration as well as help to attract and retain a workforce.
  • Cybersecurity, infrastructure and data centers, and ERP rank as the top technologies invested in today. There will be a lot of investment in enterprise mobility management and IoT over the next few years.
  • Top technologies to impact revenues include eCommerce/mCommerce and big data and analytics tools.