Fluctuations in consumer purchasing behavior across the world, emerging fashion trends shaping consumer perceived value, and high preference for personalized products are factors that are responsible for opportunities for 3D printing within the personal care industry. This research service (RS) evaluates the role played by 3D printing technologies in creating new business opportunities for established and new entrants within the global personal care value chain. The research evaluates the various application areas of 3D printing within the foot care, skin care, hair care, eye care, and cosmetic sectors; and allied business opportunities for participants across the personal care value chain. In addition to detailed evaluation of product and competitive dynamics, the report delves deeply into consumer needs, value and behaviors across various market sectors, foot care, skin care, hair care, and cosmetics to name a few. The technology adoption cycle is evaluated, while also identifying various consumer archetypes that influence buying patterns.

Key questions addressed in this report:
  • What is the business case for adoption of 3D printing technologies within the global personal care industry?
  •  Why 3D printing serves to be a potential solution in catering to the fluctuating needs of consumers across developed and emerging economies?
  • What are the business opportunities that are created by 3D printing for various stakeholders across the value chain within the personal care industry?
  • Who are the existing and potential competitors that are likely to positively influence the growth of the personal care industry through development of 3D printing solutions?
  • How 3D printing-enabled business models serve to be strategic market adjacency for driving global growth initiatives of leading personal care brand?
  • What are the various consumer archetypes that influence buying patterns within the global personal care products?